Extremely Ill After Eating Out? You Might Have A Personal Injury Case

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If you became extremely ill after eating out, you may wonder if you can establish a personal injury case against the restaurant. Food poisoning can be dangerous for individuals who experience it. However, before you establish or bring a personal injury claim against the restaurant, you must prove that the establishment caused your illness in the first place. Below are things you may do to solidify your food poisoning claim.

Visit the Emergency Room Immediately

The first thing you should do is see a doctor or visit an emergency room for care. A physician can verify your illness as well as document the cause of it. Food poisoning can have many sources. If you don't see a physician right away, it may be difficult to prove your claim against the restaurant later.

A doctor or emergency room may test the contents of your stomach to see if the items contain bacteria and other pathogens. If the items do contain pathogens, a doctor may list the information in your medical file. A doctor may also give you medications to prevent the pathogens from making your health worse. 

In addition to the information above, a physician may make a note of your symptoms. Food poisoning can cause many symptoms, including vomiting, head pain, diarrhea, and dehydration. Your symptoms can be severe or life-threatening, depending on the types of pathogens you ingest.

Be sure to obtain a copy of your doctor's findings before you leave the facility or office. You'll need to give the findings to a personal injury lawyer.

Obtain Personal Injury Guidance

A personal injury attorney may need several things from you, including:

  • your completed medical information and doctor's findings
  • the name of the restaurant that caused your illness
  • the exact time and date you became ill

An attorney may also investigate the restaurant to see if its owners or workers follow the correct food handling, processing, and storing protocols. For example, a lawyer may want to know if the workers store their cold and hot items in the proper storage units. An attorney may also want to know if the employees wash their hands:

  • after using the restroom
  • before starting work
  • when handling food

After a personal injury attorney learns more about the restaurant and its practices, they'll establish a case on your behalf. 

For more information about food-borne illnesses and food poisoning, contact a personal injury attorney right away.

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