Injured And Looking For Big Compensation? Don'T Make These Mistakes

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If you suffered a personal injury at the hands of another person, you can sue them for damages to receive compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. However, mistakes can be made along the way that can cause you to receive less than you deserve. Here are some mistakes that can hurt your settlement. 

Asking For Less Than The Policy Limits

When you make an initial demand for a personal injury settlement, know that your cap for compensation is going to be what you initially ask for. If you ask for $100,000, but your injury is potentially worth $500,000, then you are unlikely to get more than the lower figure. This means that your initial ask should be as high as possible, but how do you avoid looking like you are asking for an insane amount of compensation?

In a personal injury lawsuit, the insurance provider is going to be the one that pays out any compensation you receive in most cases, not the individual responsible for causing your injury. This means that you need to work within the limits of their policy. This means that if there is a cap of $500,000 in bodily injury damage on their insurance policy, then you know the maximum amount of compensation that you can receive for bodily injury damage. Start high with your initial ask and stick close to the policy limits, since you can only negotiate lower instead of going higher. A lawyer can help discover policy limits so that you can ask for the correct amount of compensation initially.

Neglecting To Hire An Expert To Help

Sometimes it is not enough to simply suffer an injury, especially when you think that you are the clear victim and in the right to sue for damage. It will help to hire an expert to help defend your case. This can help make or break your case in some situations.

For example, if you suffered a fall when going down a staircase, you will need help proving what was wrong with the staircase that caused the slip and fall. Bringing in an expert that is familiar with building codes can help let you know if the length of each step is correct, if the steps were too steep, if the handrail is at the right level, and other things of that nature. A lawyer can help track down the right expert to help win your case.

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