Injured In A Car Accident? Follow These Tips For Talking With An Insurance Adjuster

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Were you injured in a car accident and now are talking with an insurance claim adjuster to seek compensation? If so, it will help to follow these tips when talking to the claim adjuster.

Always Be Nice To The Adjuster

As much as you may want to lash out at somebody after being injured, the insurance claim adjuster is not one of those people you want to do that with. You need to keep in mind that this person is going to be the one you are dealing with throughout your entire case, and they are not at fault for causing the accident. They are also the person that is going to be writing your check at the end of the settlement, and you do not want to do anything that may cause them to want to make the claim difficult for you.

Listen To the Adjuster's Statements

One thing that you want to do when talking to an adjuster is always listen closely to the things that they tell you. Anything that they say can be used against them in a case, so you want to let them speak and do not interrupt them. For example, they may let it slip that the other driver said that they were responsible or make you an offer that is higher than what you would have asked for. There is no harm in letting the adjuster speak, but you can hurt your case by interrupting them.

Take Notes During Every Conversation

It is a good idea to always take notes about each conversation you have with the insurance adjuster. If you are having conversations over the phone, it is easy to not remember everything that was said afterward. Don't be afraid to wait a moment before responding so that you can catch up with your notes. You want that written record of what was said in case you have to go back and reference it later.

Confirm Information That You've Sent

Your medical bills and history will be crucial in deciding the total compensation that you will receive. It is a good idea to confirm with the insurance adjuster that they've received any new document that you've sent them. You want to make sure that they are looking at your complete documentation at all times since a single missed bill could decrease your compensation in the end.

For help dealing with an insurance adjuster, consider working with a local car accident attorney to work on your case for you.

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