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Not all injuries are physical ones. Libel and slander could ruin a reputation, which may lead to enormous financial losses. Thankfully, those harmed by libel or slander can call on personal injury attorneys for assistance. And that includes defamed musicians.

Breakups and Bad Feelings

Even legendary rock bands break up. And so do groups that never get beyond the club level. At some point, the members don't see eye to eye, and things come apart. Often, loyal fans wishing to learn about their favorite bands ask questions about the dissolution. Former band members may take to social media to discuss the fallout. Entertainers need to exercise good judgment when speaking publicly. Venting can turn into defamation. The same would be true of any interview or other public discourse that contains harsh, untruthful, unsubstantiated, or untruthful commentaries. Former band members feeling victimized by a defamation campaign could explore legal remedies.

Sing a Truthful Song

Untruths serve as the basis for a libel suit. Lying or misrepresenting facts about someone's character could cause that individual to suffer financially. For example, saying that someone consistently ruined shows because he or she played under the influence becomes a questionable statement when misusing the word "consistently." Over the course of five years and 120 performances, a mere two unfortunate situations don't count as "consistently." A musician who loses bookings due to such an exaggerated statement may have a civil case.

Loss of Income and Reputation

Exiting one band could open opportunities to join a new one. Perhaps being fired from a band becomes a blessing because the new group presents better opportunities or a better fit. However, when former bandmates speak ill of someone, problems may arise. Untruths published online or in other mediums could sway potential employers away from hiring an entertainer. The loss of reputation leads to a loss of income, which then creates a possible civil suit.

Setting the Record Straight

Receiving appropriate financial compensation might not be the only benefit of winning a libel suit. By winning the lawsuit, truth then becomes established by the court's decision. Perhaps a positive outcome could reverse the woes plaguing a talented musician. A press release detailing a win in court could sway opinions. Future earning could look bright, and lost earning might be recoverable.

Seek out a personal injury firm that handles libel and slander cases. An attorney who specializes in such sensitive litigation could be an asset.

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