Businesses Can Be Negligent If They Allow Their Stores To Become Too Crowded

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Building codes often require that a building not exceed a maximum building occupancy. This is to keep everyone safe and reduce the risk of accidents. However, some businesses fail to follow building codes and allow their businesses to become too crowded. When this happens, and you're injured as a result of an event on the property, you may be entitled to compensation.

Common Concerns

One common issue with crowded buildings is that it can be difficult to exit the building during an emergency. This could be a fire or a medical emergency. Another situation is where the crowd itself is the hazard. For example, too much weight might be placed on a structure that leads to the structure collapsing. The crowd may also raise the temperature of the room to an unsafe level or you may even have a panic attack.

Proving Negligence

You will need evidence that the building was too crowded and violated building codes. Your personal injury lawyer may be able to obtain surveillance footage. There may be witnesses who can testify to how crowded the building was. If the building was damaged, the crowded nature of the event might be obvious. Whenever you witness a code violation, you will want to file a complaint as well.

Liability After a Premise Injury

Business owners are responsible for maintaining a safe environment for their customers and employees. However, the business owner will also need time to correct the problem. For example, if several customers suddenly enter the building, the management could be negligent in not asking the customers to leave and not contacting the authorities if necessary.

Fortunately, if the property owner violated the building code, there is a presumption of negligence under several state laws. Still, to claim damages for your injuries, you must also prove that your injuries were directly the result of the event. You must not have suffered the injury due to another situation. The type of injuries you suffered should be the injuries that the law was meant to protect you against. Also, if the law was meant to protect a specific type of group, you must fall within that group.

Injuries that result from code violations are very common. For this reason, you'll likely be able to find a personal injury attorney who has experience in this area of law. With the guidance of an experienced attorney, you'll be more likely to receive the compensation you deserve. For more information about working with a law firm on your personal injury case, contact a local attorney.

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