3 Benefits Of Hiring A Construction Injuries Lawyer

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In 2022, the construction industry employs over 8 million Americans. But construction jobs come riddled with various hazards that lead to injuries. As a result, the construction industry witnesses an average of 150,000 injuries yearly. 

Though construction-related injuries fall under work-related injuries, getting compensation is not always easy. Hence, it is advisable to hire construction injury lawyers to help you seek compensation. 

Here are three reasons to hire a construction injuries lawyer when you get injured on a construction site. 

1. Determining Who Is Liable to Compensate You 

Most construction jobs come in the form of sub-contracts. For example, the construction company you work for may be under a sub-contract from another company that is also under a sub-contract. Hence, when you incur an injury, it is difficult to determine which company should compensate you for your injuries. 

Sometimes, the company you work for may deny the liability and ask you to seek compensation from the company that sub-contracted them. But the company that sub-contracted your employer might deny the liability and send you back to your employer. 

In such a scenario, it is easy to miss out on the claims filing period due to the back and forth. Hence, you should hire a construction injuries lawyer. The lawyer can investigate your situation and help you determine who is liable to compensate you. 

Hence, a construction injuries lawyer can help you skip all the back and forth from your employers and ensure you get compensated by one or all of them. 

2. Making Sure You Don't Lose Your Benefits

Construction workers are entitled to seek workers' compensation for their injuries. But you may easily lose or miss out on your workers' compensation benefits. 

Different states provide varying grace periods for filing injury claims. But, if your injuries have rendered you bed-ridden in a hospital, you may not be in a position to file your claim on time. However, you default on compensation if you don't file your claim within the stipulated grace period. 

Hence, hire a construction injuries lawyer as soon as you incur an injury. Employing a construction injury lawyer ensures they start working on your claim as soon as possible. Hence, a construction injury lawyer can help you avoid missing out on your benefits if you are incapable of filling or following up on your claim. 

3. Seeking Multiple Avenues of Compensation 

Besides workers' compensation, a construction injury lawyer can also seek extra compensation. For instance, if you incur injuries due to faulty construction equipment, the equipment's manufacturer/owner is also liable for your injuries. Hence, your lawyer can also help you seek extra compensation from the equipment manufacturer or owner.

So, hiring a construction injuries lawyer can help you maximize your compensation avenues to ensure you get a sizable compensation. 

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