Accidents At A Wedding — Who Is Responsible?

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Weddings are meant to be joyous days for friends and family to celebrate someone's love story. But with everything from loose cords to drunk uncles around you, a wedding can also result in unfortunate accidents. 

If this happens to you or a loved one, who is to blame? Can you seek compensation for your injuries or property damage? And can you do so without ruining your relationship with the happy couple? Yes. Here are a few parties that may be liable. 

Wedding Insurance

Wedding insurance is a specialty policy that couples purchase specifically for the wedding period. It covers a range of possible emergencies, including liability for damage and injury. It's best to talk with the couple first to see if they bought a policy and what it covers. This may be exactly why they did. 

The Venue

Probably the most common party liable for wedding accidents is the venue. They are responsible for what happens at their facility under a civil legal concept known as premises liability. They have a duty of care toward guests, and if they failed in this duty, you may be able to sue them or their insurance carrier. 

The Wedding Coordinator

Depending on how you were injured, an individual involved in the wedding setup could be held at fault. For instance, maybe you tripped over a badly-placed electrical cord in the darkness during the dancing. Who put it there? If the wedding coordinator, planner, or other responsible person either put it there — or saw the hazard and ignored it — you may be able to sue them. 

Homeowners Insurance

Backyard weddings should be largely covered by the homeowner's home insurance. Policies generally include coverage for injury or damage on the property. If the home (or any private space) is rented, both renters and landlord insurance may kick in. 

The Perpetrator

Were you injured when a fight broke out between contentious exes? Run over by someone drunk? The victim of a dangerous prank? The good news is that you probably have plenty of witnesses to identify who is responsible. Even if one or more insurance companies pay out, you can often still sue the person directly in civil court. 

Where to Start

Clearly, you have several options to be compensated for injuries at a wedding. But who is the right party or parties to pursue? And how should you do so? Meet with a qualified personal injury lawyer to find out.  

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